environmentally friendly, sustainable urban agriculture


Community Sustainability

By the Summer of 2020, we will begin producing natural, clean and chemical-free lettuces, herbs and micro greens in our container farm (located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago).

Being a locally-owned startup small business, we intend to fully engage with the communities we serve (in addition to Chefs and Purveyors) in Chicago and its south/western suburbs through CSAs and local events while providing a platform for education and training on the benefits of urban, hydroponic/aquaponic agriculture.


Natural greens - and year round

The superior flavor, appearance and texture of our greens comes through our cutting-edge container farm, hydroponic farmers, the organic nutrients we use, and the freshness of our harvests (daily) - unlike shipped products, our greens will retain a majority of their nutrients. 

We are true farm-to-table – our lettuces and herbs can be used on day of harvest - 365 days a year.

Our process is setup to be natural and water-based only - no herbicides, pesticides of GMOs. And we are competitively priced.


Better for the environment

Our greens will be grown locally resulting in a very low carbon footprint (production and distribution) using water, organic nutrients and specialized energy-efficient LED lights. 

Our crops (roughly 100-150 lb/week initially) will use only 5 gallons of water per day for the hydroponic drip-irrigation system - far less than the usage of a typical household.

Our "grow" process is also generally immune to weather and climate changes - providing consistency and reliability to local clients and communities.